looking forward and looking back

The unique importance of place and local ties defined so many aspects of LBJ’s presidency. By supporting The Cabinet Oak Project, you’ll not only help preserve this legacy, you’ll play a part in its history.

Historical Gallery

  1. Lyndon B. Johnson with Senator J. William Fulbright, looking at Squaring the Circle by Richard Anuszkiewicz, on June 14, 1965. Photo by Yoichi Okamoto.
  2. President Lyndon B. Johnson at the LBJ Ranch, on July 5, 1968. Photo by Yoichi Okamoto.
  3. Lyndon B. Johnson and members of the press beneath the Cabinet Oak, on July 8, 1967. Photo by Mike Geissinger.
  4. Lyndon B. Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson walking through a field of wildflowers at the ranch in Stonewall, Texas, on July 5, 1968. Photo by Frank Wolfe.
  5. President Lyndon B. Johnson, Edward Steichen, and Mrs. Steichen converse after the Arts and Humanities bill signing, on September 29, 1965. Photo by Yoichi Okamoto.
  6. Portrait of President Lyndon B. Johnson at the LBJ Ranch, on September 18, 1972. Photo by Frank Wolfe.

Photos courtesy of the LBJ Presidential Library.

Cabinet Oak Gallery

The pieces of the Cabinet Oak available to artists vary dramatically in size and shape. These photos show some of that variety.

Art Gallery

This will be the gallery that showcases the finished artworks. The images above are for example only.